HIPAA-compliant | HITRUST Certified | Completed SOC2 Type II Audit

Join the top clinics building a best-in-class patient experience


Provide your patients with concierge access

Clinic Profile

Simplified access and connection through your Clinic Profile.


Patients can Secure Message or Text (SMS) your clinic.

Virtual Care

Video Visits and Clinical Questionnaires offer care from anywhere.


After-hours answering service.


Build efficiency into your clinic communication


Save time by automating your common tasks.

Saved Messages

Increase productivity by saving commonly sent messages.


Trigger automated responses based on the time of day.

Bulk Messaging

Expand your reach with bulk messages.


Coordinate care between teammates and others

On-Call Coverage

Triage on-call coverage for colleagues.


Use @mentions to delegate work.


Message other clinics and send referrals.


Assign tasks to teammates.

Team Messaging

HIPAA-compliant messaging between teammates.


Communicate privately with teammates from within patient conversations.

Phone System

Modern system built for healthcare

Professional Phone

Get a new number or port in an existing phone number.

VoIP Phones

In office phone system with modern desk phones.

Phone Trees

Route callers to the right place at the right time.


Send and Receive Unlimited E-faxes.

Voicemail Transcription

HIPAA-compliant storage of all messages.

Urgent Escalation Triage

After-Hours Triage: Get notified of urgent calls only.

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Our product is access: access to me, to our staff, and to quality care. We need tools that enable access, which is why we switched to Spruce.

– Dr. Rob Lamberts, Primary Care Physician

Spruce is a great all-in-one solution for your communication. It makes your life easier and improves patient satisfaction. It’s a huge value for what you’re paying.

– Dr. Robert Boyer, DPC, Trialhead Clincs

We started getting a very large number of phone calls, and since we have such a small staff we weren’t prepared to handle them. Spruce has given us the ability to communicate more efficiently and effectively with patients, even with a small staff and large call volume.

– Kaela Thurman NP, Hometown Health Center