Spruce Summer Quarterly: News and Updates

Spruce Happenings

It’s time for your quarterly dose of all things Spruce! We’ve rounded up the noteworthy happenings since our last update to keep you in the know. Read on to find out more about the newest Spruce features and enhancements, quick tips and helpful how-tos, a look into our community, some new content we’ve created, and events where you can find us!


New Features & Spruce Tips

We continue to develop new features and helpful tips that are intended to make your experience with Spruce even stronger. Read on!

Spruce Desktop App

Now you can use Spruce right from our dedicated desktop application—and it’s available for Windows and Mac. The Spruce desktop app provides enhanced features for real-time notification of new activity, including app-badging and audio alerts, so your communication with patients and colleagues will be stronger than ever! Download the app now.

Spruce Live Training

Spruce offers live training to all customers, four times a week. These sessions are designed to supplement our extensive help center resources and provide a forum for customers to ask questions and learn about recent updates to the Spruce platform. Our Implementation Specialist is excited to meet with you, face to face, and help you get the most out of Spruce! Register here.  

Page Activity in Message Details

This is the first of a few Page improvements! For any Page that has “activity”—whether that’s a page that’s been resolved or later unresolved—those events are now captured and displayed as Page Activity in the Message Details section on both Spruce Desktop and mobile. This provides better tracking and improved oversight for the entire team!

Spruce Referral Program

We’ve introduced an easy, automated referral program that benefits you and your colleagues! Log in to your Spruce account and navigate to Settings > Referral Program. Invite a friend or colleague to Spruce with your unique referral link, and both of you will receive $24 in Spruce account credits. Learn more!

Spruce Webhooks

The Spruce API now supports webhooks, allowing developers to connect Spruce with outside systems in faster and more efficient ways! Contact Spruce Support to enable API access for your organization, but please note that successful use of the API requires that you have (or be!) an engineer. We’re looking forward to seeing what you all build!

In Exciting News

In exciting news, we’re thrilled to announce that Spruce has been recognized this Summer 2024 for Best Usability, Most Implementable, Best Relationship, and Best Results (among others) by G2, a leading source of software-industry user reviews. We owe our community a big thanks for supporting us there!

“Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, and authentic reviews.”

Leave us a review on G2 and you could win 3 FREE MONTHS OF SPRUCE (up to $150 value).


Webinars: Live and Recorded

Hopefully you’ve been able to join one of our recent webinars. In case you missed us, you can still catch up on these info-packed sessions now! You are always welcome to join us live or watch at your convenience.

Listen to this on-demand webinar event featuring Patrick Casale, AuDHD therapist, group practice owner, coach, podcast & retreat host, and keynote speaker, as he delves into how to create and cultivate a neurodivergent affirming private practice.  

Access the recording

Tune into Ryan Derousseau, CFP®, as he tackles the tricky territory of burnout in the mental health space and how finances play a role. The webinar dives deep into common financial tools, the importance of investing for the long-term, and why therapists in particular ignore an often vital retirement planning tool. 

Access the recording

Join Michael Fulwiler, Brand Marketer at Heard, Founder of Fulwiler Media, and Author of Therapy Marketer for a riveting discussion on the $5+ billion dollar industry that has rocked the mental health landscape. 

Access the recording

Join Thomas (T.J.) Ferrante, a Partner in Foley & Lardner’s Telemedicine Industry Team and Digital Health Group, to learn more about the current regulatory landscape as it relates to digital health. 

Access the recording


We’ve distilled the best parts of our recent webinars into downloadable papers, so that you can jump right to the sections of interest. 

Read through the highlights of creating a neurodivergent practice, shared at length in the webinar on April 3rd. Patrick touches on:

  • How to understand neurodiversity
  • What neurodivergent affirming therapy is
  • How to create a neurodivergent affirming private practice
  • How to cultivate a neurodivergent affirming experience 
  • The unique challenges that neurodivergent clients and therapists experience

Access the content now

In a succinct document designed to deliver high-yield information surfaced in the April 17 webinar with Ryan Derousseau, CFP®, you’ll discover:

  • Common tools used within the private practice space to save
  • Nuances of Solo 401K vs Sep IRA and their benefits/limitations
  • Why we invest for the long term
  • What benefits investing for retirement provides now
  • What we need to account for in retirement planning
  • What life will look like after you’re done caring for clients

Access the content now


Michael Fulwiler delivers some can’t-miss content in this paper, produced to help you more efficiently navigate the crowded mental health startup landscape. You’ll learn:

  • Why these new mental health tech companies have emerged
  • How client data is handled, with a focus on HIPAA compliance, the information that’s collected, and what happens to that information
  • The importance of enlisting a clinician on the founding team and/or leadership team
  • How much therapists are paid and a look at compensation structure

Access the content now

Join Thomas (T.J.) Ferrante, a Partner in Foley & Lardner’s Telemedicine Industry Team and Digital Health Group, to learn more about the current regulatory landscape as it relates to digital health. Learn more about:

  • The current regulatory landscape as it relates to digital health
  • The key considerations when using telemedicine to prescribe controlled substances under DEA rules
  • New opportunities for remote patient monitoring services
  • What you can expect for the remainder of 2024

Access the content now


Customer Spotlight

Discover how Lex Lancaster, PT, DPT, a physical therapist turned digital entrepreneur now helps other health and wellness business owners get things done! She took her love of Spruce as a practicing physical therapist and now applies it to new practices, helping them streamline their admin overhead and workflows!  Learn more on our blog!

Interested in sharing your Spruce story? Reach out to greetings@sprucehealth.com and you may be up next in our customer spotlight rotation!

Recent Events

Spruce was at the DPC Summit last week in Dallas, a conference that brings the DPC movement together. We joined our colleagues and clients for hands-on workshops, comprehensive sessions, and time with leaders in the space! If you haven’t yet been to a summit, we encourage you to join us next year. We’ll be there and we’d love to see you in person!


Spruce joined CAMFT for the 2024 Annual Conference in May! We connected with therapists for a transformative experience, complete with world-renowned speakers, relevant training topics and the opportunity to network with colleagues and catch up with old friends. Our sales team flexed their Spruce spirit in full effect. 🥳

Know of a conference that you think we should attend? Give us a shout at greetings@sprucehealth.com.


Spruce Virtual Events

Don’t miss our ongoing virtual event lineup! We have a new webinar each and every month. 

Just yesterday we were joined by Whitney Owens, LPC, MA, a licensed professional counselor, group practice owner, podcast host, and subject matter expert to discuss the four key areas you may be leaking money from your practice. From knowing what numbers to track to understanding how to allocate your revenue, she covered it all.

Miss the live event? Watch the recording now!


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