Discover how this physical therapist turned digital entrepreneur uses Spruce to help others!

Meet Lex Lancaster, PT, DPT, a physical therapist turned digital entrepreneur now helping other health and wellness business owners get things done!

Lex co-owned Renegade Movement and Performance, a 6-figure sports and pelvic health physical therapy clinic in New England, from 2020-2023 before launching Lex Lancaster Creative Co.

Fun facts about Lex!:

  • Her PT practice niches: Pelvic Health, Ortho, Sports Performance
  • Her favorite place: Banff National Park
  • Her current location: Los Angeles, California

About the business
Lex Lancaster Creative Co. was borne from Lex’s experience as a previous private practice owner. She understands why other business owners could feel overwhelmed when it comes to the back end of their businesses. Most people don’t start a business because they want to build email sequences, opt-ins, and landing pages! She helps health and wellness practices save time and sanity by overseeing the management of their admin overhead and workflow optimization.

How long have you been doing it?
I co-owned Renegade Movement and Performance, a 6-figure sports and pelvic health physical therapy clinic in New England, from 2020-2023. Then I went out on my own to streamline operations for other practices!

What first brought you to Spruce?
When I owned my clinic, Sideline was a great option for the first year and a half. But when a lot of time was lost going back-and-forth on the phone, Spruce really allowed a lot more time & freedom within the business.

How do you use Spruce at work?
I love that you can use it on the computer and on the phone, and I LOVE that it’s HIPAA compliant. I also love that you can automate texts back to patients if they call or text you, and it really does mitigate a lot of the communication that would otherwise be back-and-forth.

What is your favorite Spruce feature?
Text! The calls or texts to the clinic asking how to reschedule, how to cancel, or how to book a discovery call (or even a first visit) can easily be answered via a quick text back that is automated when someone calls or texts you. I save so much time!

Final thoughts on Spruce
“If you don’t have a system yet, I would consider starting with a really good one from the get-go—Spruce!”

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