Webinar: Landing Employer Contracts

There’s nothing that can take your practice to the next level like landing an employer contract, so watch our recent webinar and let our expert panel show you how you can find, engage, and close deals with businesses of all sizes to get them utilizing your clinic in their employees’ healthcare.

About the Webinar

Format: 40 minutes, including Q+A time

Topics Covered:

We’ll show you how an independent medical practice can go about securing employer contracts, including a special focus on the underlying incentive structure of our healthcare system and how you can best position yourself for success within it.

  • Employer Benefits 101: How Health Benefits Work
  • How to choose employers to target and get their attention
  • How to market your clinic and services
  • Recent healthcare industry trends and regulation

About the Panel

Megan Freedman

Executive Director, Free Market Medical Association
Vice President of Corporate Communications, Kempton Group

Ms. Freedman has more than a decade of experience in employee benefits with the Kempton Group, a third-party administrator of self-funded employee benefit plans. She holds insurance licenses in multiple states and has cultivated a deep understanding of the ways in which direct-pay, insurance, and employer-sponsored options can fit together in today’s regulatory environment. Ms. Freedman also maintains a passion for the role of market concepts in healthcare, which she manifests through her work as Executive Director of the Free Market Medical Association, an industry group that seeks to bring together buyers and sellers of healthcare goods and services with the goal of reducing costs and increasing quality.

Kenneth Rictor, M.D.

Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician
Founder, Owner, and Physician, Scotland Family Medicine Direct Primary Care

Dr. Rictor has been an active family medicine physician for more than 30 years. Three years ago, he converted his practice in Scotland, Pennsylvania, to the direct primary care model and intensified a focus on increasing accessibility, affordability, and quality of medical care for his community. Dr. Rictor is also the founder of Genovo Health, an organization dedicated to helping primary care practices make a successful transition to direct care while maintaining their independence.

David Craig, M.D.

Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician
Medical Director, Spruce Health

Dr. Craig is a practicing emergency medicine physician and Medical Director for Spruce Health, a digital health company that enables modern operational workflows and communications for healthcare teams, powering care that extends seamlessly beyond the four physical walls of the clinic. He became interested in healthcare employer contracts when an increasing number of medical practices on Spruce began successfully using the platform in their pitches to prospective business clients. Building on this, Dr. Craig recently ran a research effort within Spruce to fully explore the topic, interviewing experts in the space, surveying the available academic literature, and reviewing current industry data and trends. He published a summative eBook of these efforts, “Secrets of Direct Primary Care: 5 Keys to Landing Employer Contracts.”

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