On-Demand Webinar: Solving for Family-Based Communications in Healthcare

Many pediatric clinics and practices that work with families are challenged by a very high volume of communication exchanges, issues with contact naming and associating contacts, inefficient or inaccurate information transfer, the inability to message with more than one parent or caregiver at a time, and even unnecessary office visits for straightforward situations. Learn firsthand from a panel of experts how they overcame these challenges and more with:

– A cloud-based collaboration tool designed for staff and patients alike
– Instant messaging and workflows that spare countless hours of admin each day
– Saved messages that can be reused for common situations
– Flexible options for handling urgent communications
– A phone tree that can route patients to the right resource at the right time
– Document, image, and video messaging right from your phone or desktop
– Group messaging for greater inclusivity with more than one parent/caregiver

Discover how your practice can enjoy:

– Higher levels of retention and satisfaction due to heightened accessibility
– Greater productivity via easy and consistent communication with families
– Accurate communication that reduces errors and ensures accurate follow-up
– Virtual diagnoses that prevent unnecessary trips to urgent care
– Coverage and coordination across providers simple with a shared inbox
– Delineation between urgent and non-urgent communication
– After hours support that delivers peace of mind to anxious parents
– Easy-to-use SMS texting right from the patients’ cell phone
– Bulk outreach to patients

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