Women-Focused Virtual Therapy Practice Employs Spruce for Secure Messaging & Fax

Meet Full Cup Wellness, online therapy for women in California, Florida, and Mississippi. Clinical Psychologist and Owner, Holly Spotts, became a licensed psychologist in 2007 and began private practice in 2015. 

A bit about the business…

Full Cup Wellness is an entirely virtual therapy practice uniquely focused on meeting the emotional wellness needs of women. It’s an atmosphere of inclusion, where survivors of trauma, women of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and all religions, and bodies of all shapes and sizes are invited and accepted. Whether struggling with anxiety, low mood, feeling “stuck,” the pain of dissatisfying relationships, or simply eager to take life to the next level…Full Cup welcomes you.

What first brought you to Spruce?

My client’s privacy and confidentiality are very important to me. I wanted to be able to offer them a safe and protected way of communicating with me. Spruce came highly recommended, and does not disappoint!

How do you use Spruce at work?

I use Spruce every single day for messaging with clients. I also use Spruce for fax and was able to cancel my fax service because faxing with Spruce is so easy!

What is your favorite Spruce feature?

I love having my conversations with clients completely documented, dated, and ready to add to their charts. I also love that I can go to my Spruce contacts and immediately see who has accepted their invitation to Spruce and who hasn’t. And, the auto-replies are extremely helpful when I’m out of office!

What do you like to do most when you’re not working?

I love what I do, but I also know that I’m at my best when balancing it with passions outside of work. Spending quality time connecting with my family really fills my cup. Having grown up on a Hawaiian island, my happy place is near the water. We frequently take trips up to Lake Tahoe or anywhere along the coast and enjoy being in the great outdoors. In my me-time, I love barre and Pilates classes, home decorating, taking my dog for walks, and best of all, eating warm brownies.

You can learn even more about Full Cup Wellness on Instagram at @fullcupwellness.


New to Spruce? Try it FREE for 14 days: https://l.sprucehealth.com/startspruce

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