Primary Care Practice Uses Spruce for Secure Messaging, Phone, and Sharing Photos, Videos & PDF Attachments

Meet Dr. Amy Mechley and Dr. Eleanor Glass, founders and practicing physicians at Integrated Family Care. 

A bit about the business…

At Integrated Family Care, “Integrated” means integrating all aspects of your life into your care: your physical body, emotional wellbeing, the foods you eat, how well you sleep, your daily movement, and managing stress. These behaviors have the greatest effect on your overall health. We are here because we want to provide healthcare, not just sick care, and we believe primary care should be accessible and affordable!

How long have you been doing it?

We just celebrated 5 years in business! We opened in 2017 after working together as colleagues and teachers.

What first brought you to Spruce?

The Spruce app makes it convenient for our patients to exchange messages with us and have the comfort of knowing communication is secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant.

How do you use Spruce at work?

We use Spruce for secure messaging with patients, but also to send and receive photos, videos, and PDF attachments.

Spruce also makes it easy for us to sign our phone lines out to one another, so that covering calls is seamless. This helps us enjoy our time off!

What is your favorite Spruce feature?

We love saved messages! We use them for all kinds of things—from our favorite ankle sprain recovery techniques, to giving really clear instructions on how to get labs drawn, to sharing up-to-date Covid guidelines with patients.

What do you like to do most when you’re not working?

We love being primary care doctors, but we also love our time outside of medicine!

You can learn even more about Integrated Family Care on Facebook at @ifcdirect

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