When it comes to the two critical topics of health insurance billing and HIPAA compliance, mental health practices have unique needs. Watch our recent webinar, where we partnered with the medical billing and insurance experts at Better, and we’ll take you through the must-know information that will help you keep your mental health operation running in top shape, from modern reimbursement guidance to key legal safeguards.

About the Webinar

Format: 45 minutes, including Q+A time

Topics Covered:

We’ll show you how your mental health practice can best navigate insurance billing and reimbursement, as well as the nuances of the HIPAA legal landscape.

  • Insurance
    • Superbill Basics
    • Insurance Requirements: Out-of-Network Provider Enrollment
    • Coding Changes
    • HIPAA 101 for Mental Health
    • Ethical and HIPAA-Compliant Patient Communication
    • HIPAA Pitfalls and Pearls

About Better

We co-hosted this webinar with our friends at Better, an innovative company that is helping patients get paid back by their health insurance plans for visits to out-of-network providers. Used by patients and providers of all stripes, including a large number of therapists and psychiatrists, claims can be filed in seconds, and Better will correct coding errors, follow up with insurance companies, and make sure that all items are paid back correctly. If a claim is applied to a patient’s deductible or cannot be covered by their insurance, the service is free.

The folks at Better are experts in medical billing and health insurance, and it was a delight to have them on board for this webinar!

About the Panel

Rachael Norman

CEO and Co-founder, Better

Rachael Norman is the founder and CEO of Better, an app that makes it simple for patients to get paid back by their health insurance. She studied Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stanford University. At Better, she has combined her health background and tech experience to tackle hard problems in healthcare. Rachael is an expert on health insurance, medical billing, and coding.

David Craig, M.D.

Medical Director, Spruce Health

Dr. Craig is an emergency medicine physician and Medical Director for Spruce Health. Spruce powers the telemedicine and communications for thousands of practices, and Dr. Craig is an expert in the HIPAA issues faced by modern healthcare organizations. Dr. Craig also directs Spruce Physicians, a telemedicine practice group that has treated tens of thousands of patients over the past three years.