Telemedicine: A Game-Changer for This Mental Health Practice

Guest author: Dr. Lisa Lovelace of Synergy eTherapy

Every now and then, we like to highlight practices that are effectively using Spruce to help their patients and provide great care. Today, we want to feature a post by Dr. Lisa Lovelace, therapist and owner of Synergy eTherapy, who uses Spruce for telemedicine.

Dr. Lovelace who uses Spruce for telemedicine

About Synergy eTherapy

We are a telemental-health group practice that provides a variety of online counseling services by phone and video from the comfort of a patient’s surroundings. We are currently providing online therapy to clients in 14 US states and growing fast.

“Patients need alternative, supportive ways to take care of their mental health beyond the brick-and-mortar office.”

We started our practice with those needs in mind. Online therapy is a convenient, comfortable, and flexible alternative to in-person psychotherapy. Synergy’s eTherapists are trained and licensed to provide many different mental health services such as counseling for anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, and chronic illness. We work with women and mothers, children, teens, adults, couples, families, and college students. Since we are a small, trusted clinic, we are able to focus on our clients, their needs, and their goals.

Spruce’s telemedicine features improve our patient experience

We prioritize a treatment approach that is personalized, attentive, and collaborative, so therapy can fit right into our patients’ day.

Spruce’s telemedicine offerings play an integral role in that process. By offering our clients the option to engage in virtual visits, we can enhance their mental wellness more regularly and achieve positive outcomes faster with continuity of care.

“Especially right now, when everyone is trying to avoid exposure to germs, online counseling eliminates these added stressors.”

When a patient first comes in, we offer a free consultation in which one can explain their situation, see how eTherapy works, and ask any questions they may have about our practice. Then, we match them with a licensed therapist who is highly equipped to provide them with the most constructive mental health counseling. Patients love the ability to reach their therapist in a HIPAA-compliant manner through Spruce’s secure app at any time, for any reason. Spruce’s ease and connection fosters support, engagement in care, and improved outcomes.

For many people, the idea of getting out of bed, sitting in traffic, paying for parking, and lying on someone else’s couch to talk about their feelings is daunting enough to deter them from seeking therapy. And especially right now, where everyone is trying to avoid exposure to germs, online counseling eliminates these added stressors.

“We’ve actually noticed that patients are more open and vulnerable faster with their online therapist.”

Additionally, those from remote areas, those with physical limitations, and those with incredibly busy schedules benefit immensely from online therapy.

We’ve actually noticed that patients are more open and vulnerable faster with their online therapist as the conversation is taking place in the comfort of a familiar setting. Patients especially appreciate the option of late-night and weekend appointments to accommodate busy schedules. Because of the flexibility that communicating through Spruce affords, patients can seek mental health help on their own time, which they love.

Telemedicine has changed the way our clinicians work

Whether full time or just a few hours a month, online therapy gives you, the clinician, many benefits too! We live in a technological world that continues to advance every single day, so why not take advantage of it?

“When you can conduct sessions from anywhere, you can be at home while your new baby naps or your kids are asleep.”

As busy mental health professionals, online therapy not only helps reduce barriers for our clients, but also relieves stress from our own busy lives! Our therapists really appreciate the flexibility that using Spruce affords. When you can conduct sessions from anywhere, you can be at home while your new baby naps or have a session later in the evening after your kids are asleep.

Many of our clinicians also use telemedicine to enhance their in-office practice by offering sessions to those who can’t make it for whatever reason, which allows them to maintain their revenue and reduce no-show rates. Therapists are always seeking strategies to maintain business as well as clinical success. Video counseling is one option to achieve both!

If you are considering telemedicine…

Don’t let technology and a new adventure scare you away! Telemedicine, whether we like it or not, is the way of the future.

We live in a fast-paced world where people expect their mental health support to be more accessible and on their time. Through Spruce, we have the tools and technology to provide secure, confidential, high-quality care to anyone in the entire state in which you are licensed. We can reach more in our communities who really need therapy but can’t (or won’t) go to a busy clinic to be seen.

We all know that nothing compares to real human interaction, support, and unconditional regard. If we can engage in a meaningful therapeutic relationship face-to-face online that gets similar results as in-person, we should find any way to support clients that need those reduced barriers.

There are so many resources out in the therapy world now for you to access to learn about online counseling, including Facebook groups with thousands of clinicians offering or learning to offer online therapy. Learn the laws, know your ethics code, and take CEU’s. Once you get the basics down, anything is possible!

If you are thinking about starting an online counseling practice or online therapy group practice, I’m happy to offer consultation to get you up and running!

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