Spruce Spring Quarterly: News and Updates

Spruce Happenings

It’s time for your quarterly dose of all things Spruce! We’ve rounded up the noteworthy happenings since our last update to keep you in the know. Read on to find out more about the newest Spruce features and enhancements, quick tips and helpful how-tos, a look into our community, some new content we’ve created, and events where you can find us!

New Features

We continue to develop new features that are intended to make your experience with Spruce even stronger. Some standouts this quarter are the new Spruce referral program, silencing unknown callers, and updates to contact lists to exclude unsaved contacts. Read on!

Spruce Referral Program

We’ve introduced an easy, automated referral program that benefits you and your colleagues! Log in to your Spruce account on a computer and navigate to Settings > Referral Program. Invite a friend or colleague to Spruce with your unique referral link, and both of you will receive $24 in Spruce account credits. Learn more!

Silence Unknown Callers

Annoyed by spam calls and interruptions in your workflow because of it? Now you can silence unknown callers so that they go straight to voicemail. This setting is available on the web under your phone number. Learn more here.

In Exciting News

In exciting news, we’re thrilled to announce that Spruce has been recognized this Winter 2024 for Best Usability, Most Implementable, Best Relationship, and Best Results (among others) by G2, a leading source of software-industry user reviews. We owe our community a big thanks for supporting us there!

“Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, and authentic reviews.”

Leave us a review on G2 and you could win 3 FREE MONTHS OF SPRUCE (up to $150 value).


Webinars: Live and Recorded

Hopefully you’ve been able to join one of our recent webinars. In case you missed us, you can still catch up on these info-packed sessions now! You are always welcome to join us live or watch at your convenience.

Tune into TJ Walsh, Clini-Coach® and dynamic psychotherapist, to discover how implementing practice-differentiating tactics can effectively distinguish your brand from the rest and attract right-fit clients who resonate with your unique approach and values.

Access the recording

Learn more about chronic care management (CCM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) from guest speakers Justin Barnes of HI Think Tank and Matt Ethington from ChronicCare IQ. If you currently care for chronic care patients or would like to start, discover how to get reimbursed for the important work you’re already doing!

Access the recording

Hear from Gabrielle Juliano-Villani, licensed clinical social worker, burnout recovery coach, and strategist why the passage of the Mental Health Access Improvement Act is important to counselors and clients, what services are covered under the new legislation, what constitutes eligibility in each state, and more!

Access the recording


We’ve distilled the best parts of our recent webinars into downloadable papers, so that you can jump right to the sections of interest. 

In a succinct document designed to deliver high-yield information surfaced in the March webinar with TJ Walsh, you’ll discover how to:

  • Get specialized: Niche down
  • Employ a science-based approach
  • Develop a unique brand proposition
  • Roll out effective marketing strategies
  • Be authentic and vulnerable

Access the content now

ChronicCare IQ and Spruce Health deliver some can’t-miss content in this paper designed to help you and your care team work more efficiently with chronic care patients and get reimbursed for the important work you’re doing:

  • Leverage your existing systems to keep better tabs on patients
  • Automate your time tracking
  • Tap into detailed accounting of care plans & patient adherence
  • Discover how to get reimbursed for time spent on the phone

Access the content now

Learn from Gabrielle Juliano-Villani, a licensed clinical social worker, burnout recovery coach, and strategist how she scaled her group practice to seven figures before selling it while being a Medicare provider. You’ll discover:

  • Why the Mental Health Access Improvement Act is important to counselors and clients
  • What services will be covered
  • When counselors can sign up
  • How Medicare can provide you a consistent stream of clients
  • How to check rates and fee schedules
  • What constitutes eligibility in your state

Access the content now

Customer Spotlight

ICT Street Team provides primary care to the homeless in Wichita, Kansas, using a mobile medical model to deliver care at the point of contact.

Discover more about how ICT’s founder, Joshua Reed, uses Spruce’s secure team messaging to seamlessly and securely coordinate care across time and space.

Interested in sharing your Spruce story? Reach out to greetings@sprucehealth.com and you may be up next in our customer spotlight rotation!

Recent Events

On February 10, Patrick Casale sat down with Jessica Gulish, Spruce Health Head of Sales, to discuss the role of Spruce in HIPAA-compliant patient communication for mental health professionals.

3 key themes:

🔐 HIPAA Compliance and Secure Messaging: Understanding the importance of secure texting for patient communication and the need to prioritize HIPAA compliance for protecting patient information.

📱 Benefits of Spruce Health: Exploring the outstanding features of Spruce’s telehealth platform, from secure communication to scheduling and payment collection, catering to the needs of mental health professionals.

💬 Optimize Patient Communication: Leveraging Spruce for efficient and secure messaging, group communication, and coordination of care among healthcare providers, while documenting potential clients and sales opportunities. Tune into the podcast and give it a listen!

On February 17, radio host Justin Barnes aka @theHITAdvisor, spoke with David Craig MD, Spruce Health CEO, to discuss all things Spruce and why there “is no such thing as good medical care without good longitudinal communication.”

Tune into Healthcare NOW Radio and give it a listen!

Know of a conference that you think we should attend? Give us a shout at greetings@sprucehealth.com.

Spruce Virtual Events

Don’t miss our ongoing virtual event lineup! We have a new webinar each and every month.

Next up on April 3rd we’ll be joined by Patrick Casale, AuDHD therapist, group practice owner, coach, podcast & retreat host, and keynote speaker, as he tackles how to create and cultivate a neurodivergent affirming private practice. Register now!


On April 17, we’ll be joined by Ryan Derousseau, CFP®, as he tackles the tricky territory around why burnout exists in the mental health space around finances. This event will deep dive into common financial tools, the criticality of investing for the long term, and why therapists in particular ignore a very important retirement planning tool.

Register now

Can’t make it at the scheduled time? Register and we’ll send you a link to the recording after we wrap!

Spruce Training 👩🏼‍💻

Spruce is now offering live trainings open to all customers, twice weekly. These sessions are designed to supplement our extensive help center resources and provide a forum for new and old customers to ask questions and learn more about recent updates to the Spruce platform.

Our Implementation Specialist is excited to meet more customers face-to-face and help everyone get more out of Spruce! Register here.  

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