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It’s time for your quarterly dose of all things Spruce! We’ve rounded up the noteworthy happenings since our last update to keep you in-the-know. Read on to find out more about the newest Spruce features and enhancements, quick tips and helpful ‘how tos’, a look into our community, some new content we’ve created, and events where you can find us!

New Features

We continue to develop new features that are intended to make your experience with Spruce even stronger. Two standouts this quarter are major improvements to Bulk Messages and Scheduled Messages. Read on for details!

Scheduled Messages

We’re thrilled to introduce a new web-based Scheduled Messages tab that enables users to view and manage scheduled messages that have been created but not sent. As a Spruce administrator, you’ll see scheduled messages that have been created by everyone on your team. If you are not an admin, you’ll see your own scheduled messages and can edit the content or delete the message at any time. 

The Scheduled Messages tab lives just above the new Bulk Messages tab and is very intuitive to set up, mimicking the workflow of most calendaring systems. Just create your content, choose a date and time, and set it to deploy. 

Scheduled messages can be used in both patient and team conversations. Give it a try to see how easy it is to use and how much time you’ll save each day!


Bulk Messages

Spruce has just released a new Bulk Messages tab, available on the web. From this tab, users will be able to view queued, in-progress, completed, and paused bulk sends as well as be able to cancel bulk message runs. This is exciting for several reasons! Users now have the ability to send bulk email, in addition to bulk SMS, secure messages, and bulk patient invites. Users can now also schedule bulk messages to send in the future—a much-requested feature! 

It’s easy to create contact lists based on tags and bulk message specific groups with announcements, reminders, and more. 

Bulk messaging is available on the Spruce Communicator plan. If you are interested in giving this feature a try, you can save 40% on your first three months, bringing the cost down to just $29/mo/per user. Drop us a note at greetings@sprucehealth.com to get set up!*

Read more about Bulk Messaging in our help center! Or, tune into a short video that covers the highlights! 


Trusted Calling and Texting

Major improvements have been made to trusted calling and SMS texting on Spruce. Practices that register business phone numbers via Spruce will now automatically benefit from several types of new industry verification programs, which will help prevent your calls and text messages from being blocked or marked as spam. This ensures reliable and seamless communication at all times. To learn more about these upgrades, visit our help center.


Customer Spotlight

Discover how this multi-state telepsychiatry office uses Spruce to communicate easily with patients, other practices, contractors, and even their virtual assistant! Read more about ‘At Your Service Psychiatry’ on our blog.


Hopefully you’ve been able to join one of our recent webinars, designed with your interests in mind. In the event that you missed us, catch up on these incredible sessions now! They are recorded and may be watched at your convenience. And, if you have any suggestions for future content, please send them our way: greetings@sprucehealth.com.

Discover how connecting accountable care delivery and timely/effective communication improves patient experiences and creates optimal outcomes. We delve into the common breakdowns in communication along the care journey and how to connect all communication channels, in one place, with the goal of removing friction in healthcare delivery altogether.

Watch now

Tune into Spruce Health and Move Forward Virtual Assistants, an organization designed to connect providers with virtual assistants trained in the administrative needs of mental health practitioners. Many working in mental health lose session hours and free time to the overwhelming demands of scheduling, insurance, billing, and marketing. We discuss how to get back to the core work, grow your practice, and have more time and freedom.

Watch now

Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome, let go of perfectionism, create valuable content, connect with ideal clients, show up authentically, and sell yourself (because no one else will!). Your formal training positioned you well for helping people, but not necessarily running a business. Discover how to leverage networking, marketing, and content to grow or launch your practice, while avoiding common roadblocks.

Watch now


We’ve distilled the best parts of our recent webinars into downloadable papers, so that you can jump right to the sections of interest.

In a succinct document designed to deliver high-yield information surfaced in the March 9 webinar with Dock Health, you’ll learn how to:

  • Accelerate administrative patient workflows
  • Drive greater accountability
  • Create optimal efficiency, access, and collaboration between care team and patient

         View it now

This paper features Patrick Casale, licensed Mental Health & Addiction Therapist, Group Practice Owner, and Private Practice Coach & Strategist and reveals some simple strategies to boost your business in 2023:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Let go of perfectionism
  • Create valuable content
  • Connect with ideal clients and more

         View it now

Spruce sat down with Move Forward Virtual Assistants to discuss the benefits of leveraging VAs trained in the administrative needs of mental health practitioners. You’ll learn:

  • How to ensure HIPAA compliance onsite and offsite
  • Learning to thrive in a now very virtual world
  • Why live answer may not be best for your practice (yes, really)
  • How your clients can benefit from your added resources

         View it now

In Exciting News

Spruce sat down with 417 Integrative Medicine, a primary care practice that offers services at home, at the clinic, and virtually. This group enjoys heightened productivity, reduced administrative overhead, swift billing, easy HIPAA compliance, and streamlined communication, thanks to their partnership with Spruce.

Download the case study to learn more about the features they’ve leaned on to scale their practice.

Live Events

Spruce was proud to sponsor the Pediatric DPC Mastermind Event in Orlando, FL, February 24-26. In case you missed our pediatric spotlight last quarter, check out how Spruce texting vastly increased efficiency for Up North Pediatrics

Know of a conference that you’d like for us to learn more about, attend, or sponsor? Give us a shout at greetings@sprucehealth.com.

Spruce Virtual Events

Don’t miss our ongoing virtual event lineup! We have a new webinar each and every month. Next up is ‘Key Strategies for Eliminating the Fear of Launching & Maintaining a Private Practice‘. Register Now!

Interested in receiving our newsletter? Drop us a note at greetings@sprucehealth.com and we’ll be sure to add you to the list! ?


*The Communicator offer is only applicable to new subscriptions and cannot be applied retroactively. 

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