Spruce Health: Top 100 Software Products on G2

Spruce is thrilled to announce that it’s made the G2 Top 100 Software Products for 2023. No small feat!

While 100 winners may sound like a lot, when you put into perspective that there are 145,000+ software products & services and 115,000+ companies listed on G2, that’s pretty special!

The top 100 software companies are ranked based on a combination of Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. And, the top 100 products are ranked based on reviews across all categories they are a part of and is different from the quarterly badge list in that the annual Best Software Award scores reflect reviews submitted in the evaluation period – in this case, the calendar year 2022.

Satisfaction is an aggregate score based on a company’s products across assigned categories. More tailored company and product lists (e.g., “Products for Small Businesses”) feature a smaller set of winners at 50 appearing on each list.

In addition to making the Top 100 Software Products list, Spruce ranked #1 in the categories of HIPAA-Compliant Messaging and Telemedicine and was the proud recipient of the following Spring 2023 awards:

In the HIPAA-Compliant Messaging category:

  • Best relationship, Small Business
  • Leader
  • Leader, Small Business
  • Most Implementable
  • Most Implementable, Small Business

In the category of Telemedicine:

  • Best Relationship
  • Best Relationship, Small Business
  • Best Results
  • Best Usability
  • Best Usability, Small Business
  • Leader
  • Leader, Small Business
  • Most Implementable
  • Most Implementable, Small Business

The awards are rooted in real feedback from real customers and winners are determined from a proprietary algorithm based on verified user reviews and publicly available market presence data.

So not only is it competitive to win a Best Software Award, but the objectivity and credibility of the results are validating. We couldn’t be more thrilled and we truly have our community to thank!

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