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At Spruce, we work with thousands of mental health teams and professionals and we understand that HIPAA compliance and client data protection are at the core of every practice. Clients expect complete confidentiality, so it’s important to have a communication system that enables that—whether you’re a solo practitioner or a team who needs to securely connect while ensuring full client privacy.

Spruce is a HIPAA-compliant communication platform that specializes in helping healthcare professionals communicate securely with their clients and teammates, in order to provide streamlined and personalized care. Spruce offers business phone lines, messaging, video calling, efax, file attachment, and an after-hours solution, and the system stores all of your communication and contacts securely. If you already have a business phone number, you can transfer it into Spruce at any time or obtain any new numbers that you want, instantly. Read on to learn more about the most requested mental health team practice setup and how we work to ensure full confidentiality and protection.

You choose what information remains private

Mental health teams using Spruce tend to have one main phone number and then additional direct phone numbers for each team member as needed. If a client calls, texts, or leaves a voicemail on your direct phone number, for example, all communication will get documented in your inbox. No other team member will have access to your inbox, unless you grant it.

In addition, you can decide who has access to any correspondence through the main phone number and you can change that at any time.

Keep your information private as a mental health team

Securely connect with any client

With Spruce, each teammate can invite their clients to download the Spruce app through their own custom link. Clients can use this link to create a Spruce account, and once that Spruce account is created, you’ll be able to securely message, attach files, or video call them. All app-to-app correspondence between a teammate and client will remain private.

mental health teams can connect with specific clients

Create a personalized voicemail

Every team member can have a unique business voicemail for anyone who calls their direct line. Voicemail greeting messages can be recorded directly in the app and changed at any time.

Respond faster with auto-replies

Auto-replies enable you to automatically respond to incoming messages, set expectations, and drive client engagement. All auto-replies can be unique to every direct line.

Get notified of urgent messages

Whether it’s after hours, you are already in a session, or you are on a (much-needed) vacation, Spruce enables you to be notified of anything your clients mark as ‘urgent’ through a call or message, even if your Spruce notifications have been turned off.

Spruce is designed to help you remain efficient, save time, and support as many people as possible, while remaining HIPAA-compliant. If you’re a mental health team or professional and would like to learn more about Spruce, use this link to start a free trial.



Table of contents

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