Psychiatric Clinic Uses Spruce for Secure Messaging, Timed Messages & Internal Messages

Meet Audrey Strock, CEO and Founder of Strock Medical Group. Audrey specializes in individualized psychiatric care and concentrates on both physical and mental health issues and how they are related. Audrey is dually board certified and doctorally prepared in primary care and psychiatry, and has the expertise and training to treat various mental health and physical health disorders.

Audrey launched Strock Medical Group in 2016 and has grown the practice significantly in just 7 years. Read on to learn how she uses Spruce to streamline her practice!

What kind of work do you do?
Strock Medical Group is an outpatient psychiatric clinic that specializes in integrative mental health treatment and treats patients across the lifespan—from children, to adolescents, to adults, and geriatric populations. We have 22 psychiatric medical providers, 4 psychotherapy providers, an admin team, and 6,000 active patients. Together we provide medication management, therapy and counseling services, wellness services, and even weight management services.

How long have you been doing it?
We opened our doors at Strock Medical Group in 2016 and have been growing ever since.

What first brought you to Spruce?
Before Spruce we were using RingCentral. The biggest issue for us was that there were no auto responders. This made life harder on our front desk staff because we had to manually answer hundreds of text messages each and every day. Unfortunately, the system also glitched frequently and we missed a lot of calls. We found Spruce through a Facebook group and when we first reached out, we loved the enthusiasm we were met with. Out of the gate, timed messages and auto responders were a game changer for us—they help us run our practice when we’re not available. Refill requests on a Saturday can be brutal!

How do you use Spruce at work?
When we moved over to Spruce from RingCentral, the auto responder function made life infinitely easier. We were accustomed to seeing 150-200 texts a day asking where the link to a video visit was and we would have to manually respond each time! With Spruce, a message simply pops up and explains that the provider will call via the app at the time of appointment. Our admin doesn’t have to respond at all! Outside of that, we are very text friendly with patients. We send SMS and secure messages all the time. We will even send an SMS to let a patient know to check their Spruce app for an important message so they can receive sensitive messages securely. Internal messaging has also been critical for our remote team. The ability to internally message each other is so important and keeps us aligned and on top of priorities. Spruce also enables us to cover for each other when someone is out. Our admins have access to everyone’s inbox so we never drop the ball.

What is your favorite Spruce feature?
Internal messaging and timed messages are two standouts for us. And Spruce is just so intuitive. We have four or five people on the team who have sworn they just can’t handle new technology—and THEY can use Spruce! Those self-proclaimed “not tech savvy” have learned the ins and outs of Spruce because it’s so easy to grasp. Time stamping has also been critical for us from a liability, safety, and HR standpoint because everything is documented and we never have to rely solely on word of mouth. We are covered by the fact that Spruce captures everything and stores it in an easy-to-access format.

What do you like to do most when you’re not working?!
We like to travel and spend time with our pets. We all hang out as a team, too, and really enjoy each other’s company!

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