the DMV mobile clinic chiropractor team
the DMV mobile clinic chiropractor team

Providing Personalized Patient Care as a Chiropractic Team

DMV Mobile Chiropractic provides in-home chiropractic care so that families can get more out of their visit, avoid waiting rooms and traffic, and receive care in the comfort of their own home. The chiropractic team provides care to families, children, infants, and businesses and they serve the District of Columbia.

We interviewed the founder, Dr. Brittany Harris, to learn more about the tools her team uses to grow her practice and provide personal patient care.

How would you describe your practice and the work that you do?

Founder Dr. B. Harris
     Founder Dr. Brittany Harris

I provide in-home services primarily to families. I do a combination of symptom-related care, but also general birth preparation for the perinatal population. My team has learned to become very flexible and juggle many various parts at one time.

What initially brought you and your team to Spruce? 

One of my colleagues used Spruce and told me about it. I was looking for a platform that my team and I could use to communicate with patients. I wanted something simple that could help me streamline communication between doctors, staff, and patients, and Spruce has helped me accomplish that.

What tools are you using to help you run your practice?

Spruce has been the ultimate streamlining tool for my practice. It has enabled me to stay organized while also staying personal with my patients.”

I use an EHR and Spruce because between those two platforms I get everything I need. I have my charting, my appointment scheduling, my payment processor, my intake forms, my fax, and a HIPAA-compliant phone system.

What challenges were you experiencing before Spruce and how has Spruce helped?

I was having a hard time remaining HIPAA-compliant while sending messages to my teammates and patients. Also, as I grew my team, it was difficult for other team members to communicate with patients because we only used one phone number. On other platforms, one phone number can only be attached to one phone. With Spruce, I can attach one phone number to multiple phones. We only have one practice phone number, but any team member can answer the call on their personal cell phone.

How does your team manage phone calls now?

There’s one person designated to take calls during the work day, so from 9:00am- 5:00pm. But if she cannot answer or is busy, then I can take the calls. Someone else is designed to take the calls over the weekend. I can easily change who is receiving the calls, right from the app. Also, all of the calls get stored within the Spruce app, so they remain accessible to the rest of the team.

Is there something that Spruce does for you and your team that you didn’t realize it could do?

I just learned about saved messages. They’ve been amazing because they enable me to store and reuse common messages that my team and I send. We have multiple staff so it helps to keep our jargon consistent when we are communicating with patients and need to express the same information over and over again. 

I usually save follow up messages, so if someone calls and they don’t get an answer, we’ll send them an introductory message explaining who we are, how they can get in contact with us fast, and how they can make an appointment. We can easily pull up this message and don’t have to retype it every time. Also, when people enroll in plans, I have a saved message that explains the specifics behind the finances of that plan. Everyone gets the same consistent information.

What are your top two favorite features and why?

We’ve been able to provide the best services to our patients in the most personal fashion. “

Assignment: Assignment enables me to take a patient message and assign it to any team member. When I do this, the message appears in my team member’s personal inbox. I like to be able to assign a conversation to a teammate. That makes the Spruce dashboard less overwhelming, and we can reach patients faster.

eFax: I also like the fax feature because faxes come in to my phone or computer instead of my email or fax machine. It’s very convenient for me and my team.


How DMV Mobile Chiropractic Uses Spruce:

The following features help DMV Mobile Chiropractic provide efficient care and work cohesively as a team. Use the links below to learn more!

  • Call Forwarding: This feature enables you to easily forward calls to another team member. From the app, you can determine who is receiving calls and when. Multiple teammates can also receive calls at the same time. 
  • Assignment: This feature helps you to assign specific patient messages to team members. Once a message is assigned, that teammate knows to follow up with that patient. Assignment lets your team divide and conquer the inbox.
  • Saved Messages: Instead of re-typing commonly sent messages, your team can store them within Spruce to reuse at any time. Whether you send messages with instructions, regarding care, or regarding follow ups, your team can access the same messages and content and send them to any patient.

Set me up! Use this link to set up a call with us and learn how to use Spruce successfully with your team.


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