Practice Profile: Soultenders

In the Practice Profiles series, we feature cutting-edge practices that are successfully using technology to power their operations. For this installment, we interviewed Soultenders, a large group of mental health providers in southern California, and they shared with us their insights on communication challenges they have faced and how Spruce has helped to address them.

About Soultenders

Practice Location: Greater Los Angeles area
Practice Field: Mental health counseling and therapy
Number of Locations: 6
Therapists: 40+

Q+A with Soultenders

Spruce: What have been the biggest communication challenges for your practice?

Soultenders: Prior to Spruce, our practice was struggling with dropped calls and poor-quality calls. Additionally, several of our providers wanted to be able to text securely with patients and get pictures of insurance cards for processing, and we couldn’t do that. Reliability and accessibility are paramount to our practice, so we needed to find a communications solution that both our patients and providers could trust and that was simple and easy to use.

Spruce: What are some obstacles you face as an organization today?

Soultenders: Our biggest challenges as a group private practice usually involve communication and workflow. There aren’t many private practices that do what we do, so trying to configure new ways to communicate, accommodate patients and staff, integrate workflows, and provide outstanding customer service, all at the same time, is a huge challenge.

Spruce: How has offering Spruce enhanced your practice?

Soultenders: As providers who are required to adhere to strict HIPAA regulations, we needed to find a service that allowed for us not only to talk to our patients utilizing cell phones or other electronic devices but, now that most people prefer to use some sort of messaging system, that also allowed us to text with them. Spruce lets us offer both services to our patients, giving us more freedom to communicate with them while protecting their personal medical information.

Spruce: What made you look for a unified communication platform?

Soultenders: With more than 40 providers, communication can be challenging. Spruce, however, allows us to communicate flawlessly with each other, both in small designated teams and within our practice as a whole. We deal with the ever-changing mental health needs of the community, and when someone is in crisis, we need to be able to communicate immediately either with the patient or with each other to ensure safety. Spruce helps us stay informed of any crisis we might be experiencing with a patient and gives us a place to discuss the best treatment plans so that we can provide outstanding patient care.

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