On-Demand: VA-Palooza—The 3-hour virtual assistance extravaganza that covers everything about remote help.

Join Ginger Desk, Move Forward Virtual Assistants, SilverLeaf, and BBC Global Partners for a 3-hour event that covers everything you need to know about getting started with virtual assistance! You’ll learn from these industry leaders how to:

– Hire HIPAA-compliant, healthcare-trained virtual assistants
– Delegate administrative tasks to competent staff to avoid physician burnout
– Avoid costly mistakes during the hiring process
– Avoid hiring (or hanging onto) unproductive staff
– Calculate the ROI associated with hiring remote staff to scale your business

Jump to areas of interest based on speaker profiles below:

First Speaker: Dr. Julie Durnan | CEO and Founder of Ginger Desk

Second Speaker: Mike Yablonowitz | President and CEO of BBC Global

Third Speakers: Jennifer Crawford | Meredith Eaton | Co-CEOs at Move Forward

Fourth Speaker: Megan McDonald | VA Director at Silver Leaf PMS

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