Mobile Speech Therapy Practice Leverages Spruce to Better Connect with Clients

Meet Speech Therapy Solutions, LLC, a mobile private practice proud to serve children and adults in Lancaster County and surrounding PA areas with in-person, home visits, house-calls, concierge therapy, and/or telehealth visits.

A bit about the business…

Founder, Tiffany Moniz, started her practice in 2020, during the pandemic, when she saw the need for in-home, outpatient services because rehab centers were severely short staffed and clients were still afraid to leave their homes.

Tiffany helps people eat, drink, communicate, and celebrate life every day. She is licensed by the board of Pennsylvania and has her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language Hearing Association. Her practicum experiences in graduate school included working in the acute care, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers, TBI rehabilitation hospital, elementary schools, and skilled nursing facilities.

During her professional career, she gained experience working in skilled nursing facilities, personal care homes, dementia and memory support units, adult day centers, assistant living facilities, and home health. And, in 2018 she received specialized training and became certified in VitalStim® Therapy System, which is a non-invasive therapy to help swallowing through the use of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES).

If that weren’t impressive enough, Tiffany is also certified to administer the Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool (BCAT®) if mild cognitive impairment (MCI), memory loss, and/or dementia is suspected. She had the pleasure to work with adults with CP, MS, Parkinson’s, Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA), dysarthria, apraxia, and dysphagia and is skilled in training residents to utilize speech generating devices (SGD) with touch screens and/or eye gaze systems. 

What first brought you to Spruce?

Speech Therapy Solutions needed HIPAA-secure services to compliantly run the practice.

How do you use Spruce at work?

Here at Speech Therapy Solutions we use Spruce for fax, email, and messaging.

What is your favorite Spruce feature?

We love the ability to schedule a text message to send at a later time! In fact, we love this so much, we frequently use our work number to schedule text messages with family and friends!

What do you like to do most when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I advocate for limb difference and those that face Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency.

You can learn even more about Speech Therapy Solutions on Facebook at @SpeechTS.


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